• E.G. Green

When did you know you wanted to go to FSU?

I knew I wanted to go to FSU when I saw Charlie Ward run the "fast break" offense at the end of the 1992 campaign.

Back then there was two type of quarterbacks... there was the pro-style quarterback that sat in the pocket and dissected defenses with his accuracy throwing the football, and then you had your option-style quarterback, that ran the ball 90% of the time in some form of inside/outside veer scheme.

Charlie Ward was one of the first dual-threat quarterbacks to play at a major college like FSU... I began to appreciate Coach Bowden, not only as a great college football coach, but as someone who gives people opportunities when no one else will.

I watched Charlie Ward pick apart defenses with not his legs but, with his accuracy throwing the football to multiple wide receivers play after play, only to escape the pocket when all other options had expired, showing grace and creativity in the open field,..

For me, at 17 that was the moment when I said I want to go to FSU...because I wanted to play with Charlie Ward!!!

Then reality kicked in, when I arrived on campus and realized everyone else was so much better than I was, and I would be red-shirting my freshman year.... so I would never catch a pass from Charlie Ward in a game...

But I do tell everyone, that I was there in Tallahassee, when Charlie Ward won the Heisman!!

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