• E.G. Green

How does it feel to play at Doak Campbell Stadium?

There is something about Doak Campbell Stadium that I've always loved..it's not the field of beautiful manicured grass, it's not the almost 100,00 seats in the stadium, it isn't the amazing press boxes that perch at the top of the colosseum. The thing I realized about Doak Campbell Stadium early in my collegiate career was that the fans in Tallahassee were unique... The tomahawk chop is one of the most energizing moments I've ever experienced as a player and a fan. The drums beating,.. the echo of a 100,000 voices and the arms in unison chopping back in forth...

Hooo ohhh Hoo a ohhh!!!

The fans in Doak Campbell invoked a spirit of fearlessness in us, which matched what Coach Bowden always said to play with.... "reckless abandon", and that's what we did every Saturday. More than anything to me that's what separates FSU teams from most teams in the country, especially when we play in Doak.

The spirit of fearlessness, courage,... and bravery that the fans provide us, allows us to play the game of football with confidence, and bravado that can be intimidating to an opponent that is unaccustomed to such an intoxicating environment.

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